What is a Virtual Running Event?

What exactly is a virtual run? Well, to begin with, it’s online.

Get Running!

If you’re trying to stop being lazy, wanting to lose some weight or just improve your fitness, we have the events for you! With a range of challenges, events and rewards, we will have enough to get you running for the world!

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Meet People!

Running can be a lonely sport. Not anymore! We have a fully functional social media platform to chat to and meet other runners from the same area as you. You will always have a running buddy now!

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Raise Money!

For all of our ‘World Day’ events, we offer the chance to raise money for a charity based on the event. Right here on this site you can choose a charity and ask your friends and family to donate towards many great causes!

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Earn Rewards!

Instead of only receiving a medal (and maybe a finisher’s t-shirt) on completion of an event, we offer a range of rewards such as embroidered badges, pin badges, certificates, running accessories and more…

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"I love this site!! I've been able to meet so many new friends and run with them in these cool events!"

Jessica Banks

"It's great to see a different variety of rewards for the races. I was getting a bit bored of only getting medals as I don't have enough space in my room! The badges, pins, running accessories are a cool idea!"