About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at RFTW is to keep as many people as possible motivated to get or stay fit and healthy. When setting goals for a new lifestyle, or targets for ongoing fitness, getting started is the most difficult. Once those plans are made such as signing up for a big 10km, half marathon or even a full marathon event, it is key to stay focussed and never give up. Even experienced runners sometimes have thoughts of stopping from time to time so, for beginners, it can be even more difficult.

Virtual running is a fantastic way to keep your motivation to run in between big events that you may be aiming for. It is also a great way to get yourself off the couch at the very beginning of your journey. Running in your own time, without a big crowd of athletes potentially running a lot faster than you, is a big help to a lot of people. Building that initial confidence to get out there and run for fun is a key ingredient of success in reaching your goals.

Why Run For The World?

At RFTW, we have incorporated a more competitive nature to make it feel like you are running in a real event. Full leaderboards of all race categories including age and sex are provided, with rewards being given to those who finish in the quickest times in those categories. This is all in addition to the standard prize for completing your run.

We have many different styles of events at RFTW, which we think will help bring that extra motivation. All events will come with their own reward based on the event and we have listened to public opinion when designing our rewards. The standard reward for each event is not always a medal, we have several different types of rewards for our events such as embroidery patches, medallions, key chains, running accessories and more…

An important, negative aspect to virtual running that we have researched is the idea of ‘proving your run’ and ‘uploading your evidence’. We have removed this from your virtual running experience. With the connection to Strava and linking other applications, we receive your run data instantaneously without any effort from yourselves. Once you save your run on your watch/phone, as long as it is the correct distance, you will be able to see this on the website within minutes. All runners who have completed the run within the event dates, will automatically be sent their finisher’s reward. Easy!

Our Charity Work

Outside of running, our goal at RFTW is to help save the planet. That’s not an easy task but we will try our best. Each of our events has a great charity associated with it to which all donations for that event will be sent. All of the charities have a link to the theme of the event such as the ‘World Land Trust’ for our Environmental Day event and ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ for our Wonders of the World Challenge Series. This will raise money for a variety of great causes to help our planet. We also give out prizes for those users who accumulate the most donations for each event so let’s help raise as much money as we can. RFTW also tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We ask all of our reward suppliers not to package with plastics and we make sure that any extra packaging that we do receive is recycled correctly.

If you have any ideas of events and charities to include, feel free to contact us on contact@runfortheworld.org and let us know. Equally, if you would like to let us know how we can improve your experience at RFTW, we are happy to hear your suggestions.