Armistice Run

Nov, 1 2019 00:00 — Nov, 30 2019 23:59

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run on a treadmill?

We do not accept treadmill runs as they are not an accurate reading from your watch/phone app. We only accept a run/walk activity that has used a GPS signal to track it.

I can't get a GPS signal, will it work?

Unfortunately, Strava automatically thinks you have run on a treadmill if you cannot get a GPS signal. So, if your signal stops during your run or you cannot get any signal at all, please email us at and send us a screenshot of your run.

What is the difference between a Solo, Challenge, Themed and Free event?

A solo event is a one-off running event in which you have to complete your chosen distance in one run within the time period stated for the event.

A challenge event is an accumulation running event whereby you can run as many times as you want within the time period and all distances get added to your total until you reach your chosen distance. Challenge event rewards will be linked for the duration of the series. The first series is the 'Wonders of the World' from 1 July '19 thru 30 June '20.

A themed event is similar to a challenge event, however the dates and distances may be different to accommodate the theme of the specific event.

A free event is a practice event in the same style as a solo event, however there is no entry fee. You will also receive a reward for completing your run.

Is there a limit to how many events I can join at once?

No, you can join as many events as you want and if the dates overlap, the run that you track will be counted towards all events. Example - If you enter a month-long Challenge Event (1 - 31 July) and a Solo Event (12-14 July), your run on 13 July will count as your solo run and be added to your challenge total.

How do I view my ranking?

You will be able to see every participant's results once they have completed their run. At the end of the event dates, no more runs will be added so this will be the final results table. You can then use the filters to view by sex, location, age and running distance.

Do I have to run?

No, you don’t have to run but you must track your activity as either a 'run' or a 'walk' on your GPS app. You can also walk/hike/skip/jump if you want to. However, you cannot cycle or track your run on a motorbike/car. We will pick out anomalies from the speed of the run and we will not allow that user to get the prize. Remember, you are only cheating yourself.

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