CC - Ice Cream

Aug, 1 2020 00:00 — Aug, 31 2020 23:59

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The Event

This is the first of the Calorie Counter series events and as much as we would like to tell you to eat a tub of ice cream, we are only after you accumulating the distance it would take to burn off the calories inside the ice cream. You can run or walk in as many activities as you need within the month of August to complete the 16km target. Maybe you can treat yourself to a small bowl afterwards...

The Reward

We have a big tub of delicious RFTW ice cream that you can hang up with your other medals. We've chosen caramel chocolate chip for our ice cream. The back of the medal shows the number of calories and distance completed for the challenge.

The Charity

£2 of each entry plus any other voluntary donations for this event will be donated to The Running Charity. This is a fantastic charity that helps homeless 16-25 year olds in London and Manchester get on their feet (literally). We all know that running helps with mental health so this is a great help for those less fortunate to build mental, social and other life skills to build a better future for themselves.

The Prizes

For each of the Calorie Counter series virtual challenges, we will be giving away 10 lucky draw Prize Boxes of RFTW goodies worth £25. All runners who complete their chosen distance will be entered into the draw.

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Please donate to
The Running Charity