Civilisations - Ancient Egypt




The Event

This is the second longest event in the Run The Civilisations series with an accumulation of 256km needed to earn this lovely tablet. You can run or walk to add to your distance and you can complete the event entirely at your own pace.

The Ancient Egyptian civilisation began when King Menes founded the capital of Egypt, Memphis. This civilisation came to an end when Psammetichus III was defeated in 525BC.

The Reward

Our fantastic Civilisations series tablets are double sided with exquisite designs and a timeline of the civilisation. For Ancient Egypt, we have used the colour of sand to link in with the pyramids. The 3D designs on the front show the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, Tutankhamum's Tomb and the Canopic Jars. The timeline of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation shows us key events such as when Hieroglyphs were first used along with the Great Hypostyle Hall!