Four Seasons - Spring

Mar, 1 2020 00:00 — May, 31 2020 23:59

Registration Deadline

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The Event

Now that the Winter solstice has passed, the days are getting longer and the new plants and animals are filling the countryside. You will have three months (March-May) to accumulate your chosen distance of either 100km, 200km or 400km. If you missed out on a previous medal, do not worry as they will be released next year as well!

The Reward

This is the third quarter of the Four Seasons collection and it brings out the beautiful Spring colours with the new, green grass and the pink blossom on the trees. The short sleeve T-shirt also comes out now the temperatures are increasing. Not only that, we can finally see some blue sky again!

The Charity

The chosen charity for our Four Seasons Series is 10:10 Climate Action (now known as 'Possible'). This charity, not only looks into the changes in climate, but is also focussed on providing renewable energy sources to schools around the UK, setting up solar paneled railway networks, tackling high flood risk areas and many more great projects.

The Prizes

Challenge Events are all about pushing yourself to complete the distance so everyone is a winner if they can reach their target. So, in addition to your event reward, we have three prize boxes for the most accumulated donations and 12 lucky draw prize boxes to be won by anyone who completes their chosen distance, each worth £25!

Please donate to
10:10 Climate Action