Four Seasons - Summer Y2

Jun, 1 2021 00:00 — Aug, 31 2021 23:59

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The Event

For some, the warmer weather means it's easier to get out and go running. However, for others, it means just the opposite as you can get tired quicker in the heat. Make sure you take lots of liquids in during and after your runs as you push to keep up your targets during the Summer months. We still have the three distances to choose from (100km, 200km and 400km) to achieve during June, July and August.

The Reward

This quarter medal has a very bright and summery feel to it. Picturing a beach scene, the runner is enjoying a run in a vest and shorts (finally we can get out those arms and legs!). As always, we have the bronze, silver and gold versions for completing either 100km, 200km or 400km in the three month period.

The Prizes

Challenge Events are all about pushing yourself to complete the distance so everyone is a winner if they can reach their target. So, in addition to your event reward, we have 12 lucky draw prize boxes to be won by anyone who completes their chosen distance, each worth £25!

The Charity

10% of your entry fee to this event will be sent to the Run For The World Charity Pot. The total raised will be shared equally between our two amazing charities chosen for 2021. These are The Third Age Trust and Anthony Nolan. If you know of a charity that would be interested in partnering with us for 2022, please feel free to email us at

5% of each entry fee (excluding VAT paid and shipping) for this event will be paid by Run For the World to The Third Age Trust (charity number 01759471).
5% of each entry fee (excluding VAT paid and shipping) for this event will be paid by Run For the World to Anthony Nolan Trading Limited, a company wholly owned by Anthony Nolan (charity numbers 803716/SCO38827). Anthony Nolan Trading Limited gift aids its taxable profits to Anthony Nolan.