Iguazu Falls




The Event

Accumulate either 30km, 100km or 200km in your own time to earn this monstrous waterfall jigsaw medal in either bronze, silver or gold respectively. Iguazu falls is both taller the Niagara and wider than Victoria falls, making this a perfect piece of the Wonders of the World puzzle!

The Reward

As this is one of the two middle pieces of the jigsaw, we have created a removable ribbon so you can either hang it up next to the others, or fit it nicely into the jigsaw by unclipping the medal. The actual medal shows the lush greenery within the enormous, cascading waterfall, syncing nicely with Pamukkale from the second jigsaw medal of the series.

The Charity

Our chosen charity for the WotW Challenge Series is 'When You Wish Upon A Star'. When You Wish Upon A Star grant magical wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. They make memories for a Wish child and their family to remember for a lifetime. By granting a Wish, this enables the family to have a truly amazing time forgetting about hospital routines, doctor's appointments and the gruelling treatments that have become a daily occurrence and allowing the whole family to smile, laugh and enjoy life!

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