Leo Y2

Jul, 23 2022 00:00 — Aug, 22 2022 23:59

Registration Deadline

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The Event

Leo, the fifth sign in the Zodiac. As Leo is a born leader, why not lead yourself to Zodiac Challenge glory by completing your fitness targets? You will need to complete your chosen distance (30km, 80km or 130km) between the dates of Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd, 2022) to earn your reward. A strength of a Leo is passion, so keep your love for running alive with this summer challenge!

The Reward

We've taken the ribbon away for our Zodiac series and are offering this beautiful 3D medallion. The medallion will come with a stand so you can have them on show on any flat surface. The front shows the icon of the Zodiac sign - for Leo this is the lion - and the date of the event. The back of all Zodiac series medallions shows the symbols and constellations of all 12 Zodiac signs. Depending on which distance you choose (30km, 80km or 130km), you will receive the bronze, silver or gold medallion respectively. All three look and feel fantastic so whichever distance you choose, you're going to be a winner!