Mount Everest




The Event

** We have ordered more medals for this event and are expected to receive them by 14th June. If you are waiting for your medal, please bear with us while we wait for our next shipment **

We have reopened the Wonders of the World series as Open style events to make sure that everyone can collect all of the pieces to the jigsaw of medals. We started the WotW series with Mount Everest. A true wonder on Earth. Don't worry, though, you will not be asked to climb Everest to earn this medal (maybe in the future, eh). You have a choice of 30km, 100km and 200km to accumulate and as this is now an Open style event, you have all the time in the world to reach your chosen target.

The Reward

This is the top left corner piece of the jigsaw with the ribbon coming from the top. Parts of the mountain will be coloured in either bronze, silver or gold depending on which distance you choose as your target. If you want to complete your jigsaw in gold then you must achieve 200km for each event!