Nurses' Day

May, 1 2021 00:00 — May, 31 2021 23:59

Frequently Asked Questions

Which charities do you raise money for?

We have two partnered charities for the calendar year of 2021. These are The Third Age Trust (U3A) and Anthony Nolan. The majority of our events will provide donations for our 'Charity Pot' which will be split equally between these two charities.

We will also have four events over the year that will separately raise money for different charities, linked to those events. All money raised in these events will be donated to the chosen charities.

The Third Age Trust is a limited company (number 01759471) and is a registered charity (number 288007) whose registered address is 156 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8EN.

Anthony Nolan is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number 2379280) and a registered charity (number 803716/SC038827) whose registered office is at the Royal Free Hospital Pond Street London NW3 2QG and the trading company Anthony Nolan Trading Limited (company number 02511952) whose registered office is at the Royal Free Hospital Pond Street London NW3 2QG.

How much of the entry fee goes to charity

For the majority of our events, 10% of the entry fee (excluding VAT and any shipping) will be put into our charity pot. Any events that do not provide this donation to the charity pot will mention so in their description. As we have two partnered charities for the calendar year of 2021, 5% of your entry fee of these events will go to each charity.

For the individual event for our two partnered charities, 25% of the entry fee (excluding VAT and any shipping) will be donated directly to that charity.

For the four extra events that will have their own charity designated for that event, 10% of the entry fee (excluding VAT and any shipping) will be donated directly to that charity.

Where do you deliver?

We now deliver worldwide!

We use second class Royal Mail delivery for within the United Kingdom and standard Air Mail for international deliveries.

Delivery is included in the price for UK addresses however there is an extra delivery fee when you reach the payment page for Worldwide shipping.

For the UK, please allow up to 7 days from receiving your dispatch email to receive your medal (or more depending on time of the year / other circumstances)

For outside the UK, please allow up to 21 days from receiving your dispatch email.

Do I need to manually upload an activity?

If you have linked your RFTW profile with your Strava account, please DO NOT upload your activity manually as this will mean your distance will be added twice to your event (if you are taking part in an accumulation style event).

If you don't think your run has been synced automatically through Strava, please contact us at and we will have a look first before you do a manual upload.

Note: We cannot take activities off your profile/event if they have been added twice.

Can I run on a treadmill?

Yes, we are now allowing treadmill runs to be synced directly from Strava and also allow manual uploads of treadmill runs with the uploaded image of the treadmill stats. Please do not cheat whilst using a treadmill such as hopping on and off as we are trying to motivate you to complete the full distance that you sign up for.

How do I link my Strava account?

If you have not linked your Strava account during registration, you will see an orange bar at the top of your page. Please click the link and follow the instructions. Otherwise, you can go to your Profile Settings - Linked Accounts and click on Connect for Strava.

What is the profile level?

Your profile level depends on how many events you have completed, much like earning XP points on a video game. The more events on RFTW that you sign up for and complete, the higher your level will become.

Is there a limit to how many events I can join at once?

No, you can join as many events as you want. If the dates of any Solo and Challenge events overlap, the run that you sync will be counted towards all events. Example - If you enter a month-long Challenge Event (1 - 31 July) and a Solo Event (12-14 July), your run on 13 July will count as your Solo run and be added to your Challenge total.

Open style events sync with their own system in which only one Open event of a single run type and one Open event of an accumulation type will sync at a time, no matter how many Open events you have signed up to. This is to make sure that you get value for your money and to keep you motivated for longer! :)

Which running apps can I use?

If you would like to have the automated syncing of your activities, you can use any GPS tracking app that can link to Strava. You will need a Strava account to be able to link to RFTW, however you don’t actually need to use the Strava app if you have another, preferred app, linked to it. For example, I use a Garmin watch and I have created a Strava account which I have linked to my Garmin Connect app. This means when I run using my Garmin watch, my run will be recorded on my watch, transferred to the app then linked to my Strava account which in turn links to RFTW. For more information, please see the ‘How It Works’ page.

For uploading your runs manually, you can use any GPS based app so your upload will show distance and time correctly (Garmin, Endomondo, Nike, Apple Watch etc).