The ReRun part III

Nov, 27 2020 00:00 — Nov, 29 2020 23:59

Registration Deadline

Registration Closed



The Event

Part three of the rerelease of our Opening Series events. This is a completely FREE event!* Just sign up, link your Strava account if you have one for automated syncing, and run/walk your chosen distance in a single activity between 00:00 Friday 27th November and 23:59 Sunday 29th November GMT**. If you don't use Strava, you can manually upload your activity by clicking on 'Add Run' and filling in your activity information. Please don't leave this until the last minute, though, as we will have to sync your upload before the end of the event times.

*Shipping fees apply for outside of the UK.

**This is UK time. If you are not in the UK, please check when to complete/upload your activity.

The Reward

Our reward for the Opening Series events is a 5cm diameter embroidery patch in a colour based on the distance you choose. By completing the 3km distance, you will receive the patch with a blue border and for the 5km, 10km and 21.1km distances you will receive the patch with a bronze, silver and gold border respectively. You will have chance to earn all four colours if you wish as there will be four parts of this series spread across the year!