RTC - Africa




The Event

Part 2 of the Run The Continents series takes us south to Africa. This vast continent has a land area of 30.4million square km. In the same way as the Europe challenge, we are asking you to run 304km in your own time. Set yourself a nice target to complete this distance to earn this fantastic reward!

The Reward

The Africa shaped medal depicts some classic things related to the continent. We have the immense wildlife with lions, elephants and camels along with the Egyptian pyramids and Sphynx and also a traditional style African mask. All of these are 3D designs, jumping out of the medal.

The Charity

We have chosen 10:10 Climate Action for the Run the Continents series as finding renewable energy sources is a global issue, spanning all continents of the planet. This charity not only studies the changes in climate, but is also focused on providing renewable energy sources to schools around the UK, setting up solar paneled railway networks, tackling high flood risk areas and many more significant projects.