RTC - Antarctica




The Event

Antarctica is the driest and coldest continent, so I'm not sure we'd like to be running around there too much! Despite this, there are many animals that thrive in these conditions. With a land area twice the size of Australia, 14m km sq, you will need to accumulate a total of 140km to earn this, the final Run The Continents, medal!

The Reward

There is a large amount of wildlife on Antarctica, despite the temperatures getting below -60*C in the central areas. This is most likely why the majority of the wildlife gather around the coastlines. We have chosen a few of the iconic animals/birds for this medal with a whale, seal, penguins and an albatross.

The Charity

We have chosen 10:10 Climate Action (now renamed 'Possible') for the Run the Continents series as finding renewable energy sources is a global issue, spanning all continents of the planet. This charity not only studies the changes in climate, but is also focused on providing renewable energy sources to schools around the UK, setting up solar paneled railway networks, tackling high flood risk areas and many more significant projects.

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