RTC - Asia




The Event

Asia is the sixth continent in the series and is also the largest (by quite a long way!). Russia spans all of the way across the north of the continent, however most of this area is covered with snow and uninhabitable. There are many beautiful landscapes throughout the continent with plenty of luscious rainforests along with big, hectic cities. The land area of Asia is 44.6 million square kilometers so your target for this event is to accumulate 446km in your own time and as many runs/walks as you need.

*Please note that only one accumulation style 'Open' event can be synced at one time. See FAQs for more information.

The Reward

There was so much to choose from to showcase on our Asia medal but we ended up with these five. Firstly, many forget that Russia spans all of the way across north Asia so we have included a beautiful cathedral in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We couldn't have Asia without the Great Wall of China, nor could we not have the immense Taj Mahal. Moving towards South East Asia, we have also included a temple and an Asian tiger.