RTC - Australasia




The Event

The fifth medal in the Run The Continents is Australasia. The continent is made mostly of small islands in the South Pacific ocean with the largest proportion of its land mass coming from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. This is the smallest continent based on its land area (8.5 million km sq) so to earn this medal, you need to accumulate 85km in your own time.

*Please note that only one accumulation style 'Open' event can be synced at one time. See FAQs for more information.

The Reward

Australasia is mostly made up of the immense island of Australia with the renowned surfing coast on the west and Sydney Opera House on the east. The waters around the South Pacific islands show off some of the best sea-life including a wide range of turtles. And, we couldn't make a medal based on Australia without a kangaroo!