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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open event?

The only difference between an Open event and normal events is that you can sign up and run it at any time you wish. There is no timeframe to complete your run/s inside so you can do it completely at your leisure.

How do Open events sync?

If you have entered several Open events, you cannot complete all of them with one run as that wouldn't be much fun! If you go for a run, that run will only sync to the first 'single run' Open event and first 'accumulation' Open event that you signed up for, leaving any others incomplete. Your run will still sync to any Challenge, Solo and Free events as normal. Once those first events have been complete, your next runs will automatically sync to the next Open event that you signed up for and so on.

Why do I need a Strava account?

RFTW links with directly with Strava so when your run/walk activity is saved onto a Strava account, it will automatically appear on RFTW. You do not need to use Strava as your running app, though. You can use any GPS running app which can be linked to a Strava account. For example - If you use a Garmin watch, you can record your run/walk with your watch. This will save onto your Garmin Connect app profile and as you can link a Strava account to Garmin Connect, this will automatically save onto that Strava account. Don't worry, once you have it linked, there is nothing else for you to do and it will make virtual running so much easier!

You can also upload your runs/walks from other GPS apps manually with our 'Add Run' feature if you don't want to go through Strava. Simply click the 'Add Run' tab and fill in the information about your run and it will sync to your profile within 48 hours.

When will I receive my Open event reward?

We will check for any completed Open events every Monday. Therefore, if you have completed an Open event, you should only need to wait a maximum of one week before the reward is sent out. We send via Royal Mail first class post so you should receive it only a day or two after that. Please allow up to two weeks after completing your Open event in case of delays with Royal Mail etc.

When will I receive my reward?

We endeavour to send out all rewards within three days of the end of the event. This means that you should receive your reward within one week, however please allow up to 14 days in case of large numbers or disruptions with the postal service.

Do I have to run?

No, you don’t have to run but you must track your activity as either a 'run' or a 'walk' on your GPS app. You can also walk/hike/skip/jump if you want to. However, you cannot cycle or track your run on a motorbike/car. We will pick out anomalies from the speed of the run and we will not allow that user to get the prize. Remember, you are only cheating yourself.

How do I submit my run?

There are two options for submitting runs.

1. You don’t need to! The great thing about RFTW is that it is all automated. As long as you have linked a Strava account to your profile here, your run will automatically get uploaded.

2. You can manually upload evidence of your run/walk from other GPS apps by using our 'Add Run' feature. Just fill out the information about your run, upload a screenshot/image of your GPS based activity and we will check it and sync it for you.

On your profile, you will see the events that you have entered with a little bar at the top stating whether you have completed it yet or not. If yours does not indicate completion within 48 hours or by the end of an event, please email us at contact@runfortheworld.org.

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