VMS - Boston




The Event

The Boston marathon is one of the most well known and also one of the most difficult to get a place. But who needs to fly to Boston when you can compete in the Virtual Marathon Series right at home?! Choose your distance to run in a single run/walk from the date of the Boston Marathon (April 20th) until the end of 2020. As soon as you submit an activity of your chosen distance, you will receive medal number two of the Virtual Major Marathons series.

Note: Only one of the Virtual Marathon Series events can be completed at one time so you cannot run only once after signing up to all events to receive all medals. You must run six separate times to collect all six events.

The Reward

Boston is an historic city that has kept its old school beauty and aesthetics. There are many scenic areas around the city with plenty of park and riverside runs. One of the most iconic places in Boston is Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team and the 'Green Monster' which is why we have chosen this for the background of our medal. The 3D foreground pictures a bridge over the Charles river with a backdrop of the city behind.

The Charity

We have chosen The Running Charity as our Virtual Marathon Series charity. This is a fantastic charity that helps homeless 16-25 year olds in London and Manchester get on their feet (literally). We all know that running helps with mental health so this is a great help for those less fortunate to build mental, social and other life skills to build a better future for themselves.

£2 from every entry will go to The Running Charity for the Virtual Marathon Series, however if you would like to donate more, please do so by using the 'Donate' button. All donations will be sent to the charity on the conclusion of the series.

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Raising money for
The Running Charity