Watch Me Run 2022

Jan, 1 2022 00:00 — Dec, 31 2022 23:59

Registration Deadline

Registration Closed



The Event

The Watch Me Run event is back for a second year. Setting yourself short and long term targets is the key to reaching your fitness goals. This event is all about your 2022 target so set yourself a competitive, yet achievable, distance to achieve over 12 months. You can choose from 200km, 500km, 1,000km, 1,500km or 2,000km. As we have a range of distances for you to choose from, you'll be able to push yourself to hit that new record year, you can do it!

The Reward

The medal for the Watch Me Run has been based on a running watch. With the extra ribbon loop on the medal, you can even wear it like a watch to show it off to your friends! The medal will show your chosen distance on the 'watch face' in an epoxy covering so it will be great to have when you reach that yearlong target you've been after.