Wimbledon Run



The Event

An icon for the British summer, Wimbledon brings millions together in the hope that a British tennis player can compete with the very best. In this event, you will run as much as the actual player out on the court. On average, tennis players run 3km per match. So, our bronze award will equal being knocked out in the first round after a great effort. The silver award will be the same distance as reaching the 4th round and the gold award will be the same as going all the way to the very end, a gruelling 21km. Tennis players do these distances in total over two weeks, however you will need to complete your chosen distance in only one run!

The Reward

What is more iconic of Wimbledon than a bowl of strawberries and cream?! Well, our distinctive medal certainly hits the spot with this theme but please don’t try to eat it - this is only a medal!

The Charity

The charity for this event is Tennis For Free. Their aim is to address the barriers for participation in Tennis and to bring the benefits of playing tennis and becoming actively engaged in sport to as many young people and families as possible. They run weekly coaching sessions around the country to allow as many as possible to play this great sport.

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