WotW Rainbow Mountain

May, 1 2020 00:00 — May, 31 2020 23:59

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The Event

The penultimate medal of the Wonders of the World jigsaw series takes us back to South America with the Rainbow Mountain in Peru. This wonder is as natural as they come with various layers of minerals covering the mountain range in beautiful, rainbow colours. To earn this medal, you can choose a distance of either 200km, 100km or 30km to accumulate during the month of May, 2020. It's almost summer, why not push yourself that bit extra?

The Reward

There are a couple of locations in the world that have these rainbow coloured mountains, the most famous of which is in Peru. The vivid colours come from the various layers ranging from iron based, calcium based, sulphur based and magnesium based rock and minerals. This creates a beautiful rainbow style scattering all along the mountain range. Our medal depicts the different layers of rock drifting down the sides of the immense landscape. Again, the gold/silver/bronze base medal is given for completing the 200km/100km/30km distance over the month.

The Charity

Our chosen charity for the WotW Challenge Series is 'When You Wish Upon A Star'. When You Wish Upon A Star grant magical wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. They make memories for a Wish child and their family to remember for a lifetime. By granting a Wish, this enables the family to have a truly amazing time forgetting about hospital routines, doctor's appointments and the gruelling treatments that have become a daily occurrence and allowing the whole family to smile, laugh and enjoy life!

The Prizes

Challenge Events are all about pushing yourself to complete the distance so everyone is a winner if they can reach their target. So, in addition to your event reward, we have three prize boxes for the most accumulated donations and three lucky draw prize boxes to be won by anyone who completes their chosen distance, each worth £25!

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