How It Works

Getting Started

Step 1: You will need to have an account with Strava to be able to join the events on RFTW. If you already have an account then that’s great, you can skip to step 3.

Step 2: If you use another GPS running app such as Garmin, you can link this to your Strava app by checking the settings. It’s quite simple to do this and you will only have to do it once.

Step 3: Now you have a Strava account, you will need to register on RFTW by signing up and creating a profile. Be sure to link your Strava account to your new RFTW profile in order to record your runs.

How do Virtual Events work?

A virtual running event differs from a standard running event in that there is more flexibility for you to complete your run. Instead of having to wake up before the cockerels to get to the start line in time for some stretching and to find the correct zone, you can run these races whenever you like within an extended time frame (minimum of three days).

Yes, you won't have the atmosphere of hundreds of people squashed around you, tripping over each other's ankles, but you can still arrange to run these events with your friends, in a nice location of your choice - even on a beach on the other side of the world. All you need is a GPS running app that you can link to Strava (or just use Strava) and you're ready to race!

Tracking Your Run

On RFTW, there are no manual uploads of your runs, no taking screenshots and sending the evidence in a long form and no wasting time after your run making sure you're submitting it before the deadline.

RFTW takes care of EVERYTHING for you so you can take care of yourself after your run. Go for a cool down, do some stretching, take a nice long bath, have a massage and anything else you need to do after your long run.

Use your GPS running app, making sure it is in 'run' mode, that you have linked with Strava and we will receive your run data as soon as you finish. Make sure you complete the full distance, otherwise you run will not sync.

Types of Events

Free Events - These are practice events for you that are completely FREE and there will still be a reward!

Solo Events - You will choose a distance to complete in one run, within the event dates, without stopping your app to be able to complete these events.

Challenge Events - You will be able to log as many runs as you want within the event dates to build up your total, accumulated distance until you reach your chosen target.

Themed Events - Challenge Events with a difference. They will have their own time period and their own, individual style of distance accumulation.

Raising Money

As we are 'running for the world', we have some awesome charities to raise money for. Each event will have a charity linked to it in which anybody can donate to. Once you register with RFTW, you will receive a unique profile ID.

The best part is that there are prizes on offer for those who accumulate the most donations for each event! So, if you wish to raise money for great causes and win a nice prize, share your unique profile ID with your friends and family and ask them to donate using it to build your personal accumulated donations. The top five users who accumulate the most donations for each event will all receive an extra prize.

Virtual Competition

Even though these are virtual running events and you are running in your own time, at your own location, we still have a competition aspect to make you push yourselves. For all of the Solo Events, there will be prizes for the top three completion times (based on pace) for each distance in both male and female categories. This is a total of 18 extra prizes to aim for in each event.

You can also level-up your profile depending on how many RFTW events you complete. You can see your level badge next to your profile picture. Every 10th level, you will receive a celebratory prize from RFTW to thank you for taking part in our events.


We have lots of different themed prizes on offer for our events. These range from cool, funky medals, sophisticated medallions, stylish embroidery patches and also various types of running equipment. You will even receive a prize for completing our free events so there is a lot worth running for!

Our Challenge Event series will have special prizes that link within the whole series so you should try to collect all of them to complete the full prize set.

There will also be a lucky draw prize box. All runners who complete their chosen distance will be in the draw to win an extra prize of RFTW goodies with an rrp of £25!