Run The Civilisations Series

Our newest accumulation series takes us through history and some of the biggest and exciting civilisations to have lived. We have included five civilisations from around the world ranging from 3100BC all of the way to (relatively recently) 1537AD. You can run or walk and take as long as you need to complete these challenges.

The Challenge

The distance to accumulate for each of these challenges is based on the amount of time each civilisation was around for. We have divided the number of years by 10 to give you a nice target in kilometers. As the Ancient Egyptian civilisation was around from 3100BC to 525BC, the required distance to earn your reward is 256km.

Please note that if you sign up to multiple 'Open' style events at once, your activities will only sync to one of them. This is to motivate you to keep pushing further and further to achieve your goal!

The Rewards

We have chosen a tablet style reward which was one of the primary writing/recording methods in ancient civilisations. You will also receive a stand to rest your tablet on to show off to everyone you can! The tablet border represents the colours and designs most commonly seen in each civilisation with some incredible 3D monuments/key features in the centre.

The back of the tablet shows a timeline of the civilisation with key events throughout their history. Not only will you be pushing yourself to hit your fitness targets but you'll also be learning about history as well!

Available Civilisations Events

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