Event Series

As motivation is our key goal here at RFTW, we believe that having a variety of interesting series of events will keep you focussed and on track to achieve your goals. Below are the current and upcoming series.

Wonders of the World

Join us in travelling the world to find some of the most beautiful, exotic and incredible natural places that the world has to offer. This is an accumulation event series with one medal each month over 12 months. You can choose to run/walk 30km, 100km or a whopping 200km for each month to earn a bronze, silver or gold version of the medal. Collect all 12 to complete an amazing medal jigsaw!

Run The Continents

This is another accumulation series, however there is no set time frame for you to complete these distances. Sign up whenever you feel like a challenge and receive a continent-shaped medal representing some of the iconic sites of that area of the world. We will begin the series with Europe. As Europe has an area of 10.2 million km squared, you will be required to complete 102km to finish this first challenge.

The Four Seasons

The RFTW Four Seasons challenge is for those of you with long-term goals. Set yourself a three month target of either 100km, 250km or 400km to collect each piece of the ‘seasons circle’ medal. The medals connect together to flow from one season to the next, depicting major parts of each time of the year. This is a great motivator to keep you going all year round as we know - consistency is the key!

On Your Marks...

Here, we have a great little start-up series to get you off the couch and into the running world. The distances for this series start at 3km, which is a nice, solid distance for any newbies to be proud of. Once you achieve that, why not push yourself to complete a 5km run and then finish the series off with an amazing 10km run? For this series we have some great pop-art style embroidery patches for you to iron onto your running/gym towel.

RFTW Opening Series

The Opening Series was the first event for RFTW so we have brought it back as an open series that you can enter at any time you wish. Can you collect all four patches to prove yourself as a RFTW champion? We have blue, bronze, silver and gold rimmed embroidery patches of the RFTW logo in exchange for completing a 3km, 5km, 10km and 21.1km run/walk respectively.