Terms of Service

Thank you for using Run For The World. These Terms and Conditions are here to provide the best experience for both the user (you/your) and Run For The World (RFTW/we/us/our). By signing up to RFTW, you are acknowledging that you have read and are agreeing to these conditions of use. As we would like to make using this website an enjoyable and interactive experience for you, we have presented these conditions in a clear and easy to read format.

Terms of Service

Intellectual Property and Information Use

All information and content on the website, other than which has been inputted by you, is strictly the property of RTFW. ‘Information and content’ means any text, graphics, images, audio, video, software, page layout, underlying code and any other form of information capable of being stored in a computer that appears on or forms part of this website. If you continue to use this website, you are acknowledging that all information and content is under the ownership of RFTW. Any personal information that you share on the website can be used by RFTW. ‘Personal information’ means any profile information that you provide to the website and any posts, comments, images and data that you openly input onto the website.

General Prohibited Use

If you commit any of the violations below, RFTW is within its rights to delete your account and ban you from using the website. We would like to ensure a fun and safe environment for all users and we do not tolerate anything mentioned below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Using rude or aggressive usernames
  • Creating more than one profile
  • Posting rude or aggressive comments on the event message boards
  • Posting links, advertising or spamming on the event message boards
  • Using a form of transport other than walking/running to complete the event
  • Sharing promotion codes with other users
  • Hacking the website or performing any form of corruption of the website.
  • Using or replicating anything from the website. See above ‘Intellectual Property and Information Use’

Your Profile

When creating your profile, you are choosing to share your basic information with us. This information is your full name, age, sex and nationality. With this initial information, you will be able to access the full website. You are also required to link your Strava account to be able to track your runs. If you wish to enter an event, you are required to provide your delivery address, email address and phone number. None of this information is saved offline, only on your computer’s cache.

By creating a profile with RFTW you are allowing us to take the data from your linked Strava account and use it within the website. This information includes run date, distance, time and segment paces. This information is required to form the leaderboards for all events.

You are also agreeing to promotional and newsletter emails along with emails regarding the events that you sign up to such as when you have signed up to a new event, completed an event and when you are coming to the end date of an event. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can turn off the email notifications in your profile settings.

You are responsible for keeping your password safe. We suggest changing your password regularly.

It is entirely your choice which social media profiles you display on your profile. Only other users you choose to be friends with will be able to view these social media profiles. You are responsible for who you choose to be your friend within the website.

The Events

We do not tolerate any cheating during these events. We check all events for any outlying results that could not have been achieved by running. If found guilty of cheating, you may have your profile deleted and be banned from using the website.

The event is to be completed in your choice of location and time. You must complete your run/walk within the time allocated for each event. If you do not complete the distance chosen within the correct time allocation, you will not receive your reward. If you think you have a valid reason for failure to complete the event, such as injury, illness etc, please send us an email before the end of the event and we will assess the situation. If RFTW decide that there is a legitimate reason for the incomplete event then other arrangements to complete it may be made.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are of suitable fitness to compete in these events. RFTW is not responsible for any injury that you may gain from participating in these events. It is up to you to be safe and responsible during your run.


All payments are to be made by credit/debit card through the Stripe payment gateway. The cost on the event page is fully inclusive of taxes and is the amount that you will pay for the event. There will be an additional shipping fee for orders outside of the UK. There will be no refunds for any reason unless we deem one necessary. As stated above, if you feel you have a legitimate reason for being unable to participate in the event, you may email RFTW to explain.

From time to time, RFTW will offer promotional codes to users. Promotion codes can be used at any time unless stated. Only one promotion code can be used per event and a promotion code cannot be used on top of any other offer. There is no limit to how many promotion codes you can accumulate, however upon receipt of a promotional code, you will have three (3) months to use it.

At the payment gateway, you will be asked to verify your delivery address and your billing address. This information is only used for delivery of your reward. Your delivery address must be within the UK. If you enter the wrong address and you do not receive your reward, you will be required to pay the cost of the original event to receive a replacement reward.

If you sign up to the wrong event, distance category or provide any incorrect details upon joining an event, you will be required to join the event at your own cost unless we deem it necessary to change your event free of charge.

At RFTW, you are paying for the 'event' with the reward/gift (medal/medallion/embroidery patch etc) being sent to you as a reward for completing the event. If you do not complete the event, without a valid reason for not doing so (injury/illness etc), you will not receive the reward.

RFTW will deliver all completed medals weekly throughout the event dates. RFTW is not responsible for the UK/International postal service, therefore please allow up to 15 working days to receive your reward before contacting us.

RFTW will pay the correct shipping cost for both UK and International post, however RFTW is not responsible for any extra fees that may occur upon receiving your rewards (import costs or late pickup fees etc).

Security and Data

RFTW is dedicated to your security and privacy. For the full privacy policy, please check the ‘Privacy Policy’ page.

For your own security, please do not post any personal information on your profile or event comment boards. You are fully responsible for any information that you post on the website. RFTW will not share any of your personal information with third parties. RFTW will be able to use any information that you provide and share for advertising and promotional reasons. RFTW only uses your personal information within the needs of the website. These include contacting you about upcoming events and promotions, delivery of your rewards and recording your results on the event pages.


You will automatically subscribe to the monthly newsletter upon registration of your profile. You will also receive emails to remind you of your upcoming events. If you wish not to receive these, you can turn off the emails in your profile settings.


RFTW is not liable if the website is down due to server maintenance or for resolving any issues that may arise. We will endeavour to keep the site open 24 hours every day. If there are any issues from the RFTW website that mean your run cannot be uploaded then we will make alternative arrangements for you to complete your event. However, RFTW is not responsible for any issues regarding the Strava application or any GPS running app that you choose to use.

RFTW is not liable for any injury that you may incur during any event. You must make sure that you are in fit enough condition to be able to run the distance that you have chosen. If you are unsure, please see your GP before taking part.