Frequently Asked Questions

Please check these FAQs first before contacting us for any queries you may have. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can email us at


What is a virtual running event?

A virtual running event is a running event in which you sign up for online that can be run anywhere in the world at any time of day. We offer various styles of events that range from having a designated time period for completing your chosen running distance to completely open events that you can choose to complete at any time. You can either use a GPS running app, and more specifically, have a Strava account, to link your runs to RFTW or you can manually upload your activities using our 'Add Run' feature. See the 'How It Works' page for details.

Where is the event?

These are virtual events. You can run anywhere in the world but please make sure you’re safe. Even if you know you are going on a summer holiday, you can still compete in the event by running on the beach or walking through the mountains. You just have to make sure you run the full distance that you sign up for within the designated dates (UK time) and record it using the Strava app or another app that links to a Strava account.

Do I have to run?

No, you don’t have to run but you must track your activity as either a 'run' or a 'walk' on your GPS app. You can also walk/hike/skip/jump if you want to. However, you cannot cycle or track your run on a motorbike/car. We will pick out anomalies from the speed of the run and we will not allow that user to get the prize. Remember, you are only cheating yourself.

Can I run on a treadmill?

We do not accept treadmill runs as they are not an accurate reading from your watch/phone app. We only accept a run/walk activity that has used a GPS signal to track it.

Is a step tracker allowed?

No. We only allow the use of a GPS app that can link to the Strava app.

Why do I need a Strava account?

RFTW links with directly with Strava so when your run/walk activity is saved onto a Strava account, it will automatically appear on RFTW. You do not need to use Strava as your running app, though. You can use any GPS running app which can be linked to a Strava account. For example - If you use a Garmin watch, you can record your run/walk with your watch. This will save onto your Garmin Connect app profile and as you can link a Strava account to Garmin Connect, this will automatically save onto that Strava account. Don't worry, once you have it linked, there is nothing else for you to do and it will make virtual running so much easier!

You can also upload your runs/walks from other GPS apps manually with our 'Add Run' feature if you don't want to go through Strava. Simply click the 'Add Run' tab and fill in the information about your run and it will sync to your profile within 48 hours.

Which running apps can I use?

You can use any GPS tracking app that can link to Strava. You will need a Strava account to be able to link to RFTW, however you don’t actually need to use the Strava app if you have another, preferred app, linked to it. For example, I use a Garmin watch and I have created a Strava account which I have linked to my Garmin Connect app. This means when I run using my Garmin watch, my run will be recorded on my watch, transferred to the app then linked to my Strava account which in turn links to RFTW. For more information, please see the ‘How It Works’ page.


What is the difference between a Solo, Challenge, Open and Free event?

A solo event is a one-off running event in which you have to complete your chosen distance in one run within the time period stated for the event.

A challenge event is an accumulation running event whereby you can run as many times as you want within the time period and all distances get added to your total until you reach your chosen distance. Challenge event rewards will be linked for the duration of the series. The first series is the 'Wonders of the World' from 1 July '19 until 30 June '20.

An open event is can be similar to both solo and challenge events, however you can sign up anytime and complete your chosen distance in as much time as you need as there are no specific dates.

A free event is a practice event in the same style as a solo event, however there is no entry fee. You will also receive a reward for completing your run.

What is an Open event?

The only difference between an Open event and normal events is that you can sign up and run it at any time you wish. There is no timeframe to complete your run/s inside so you can do it completely at your leisure.

How do Open events sync?

If you have entered several Open events, you cannot complete all of them with one run as that wouldn't be much fun! If you go for a run, that run will only sync to the first 'single run' Open event and first 'accumulation' Open event that you signed up for, leaving any others incomplete. Your run will still sync to any Challenge, Solo and Free events as normal. Once those first events have been complete, your next runs will automatically sync to the next Open event that you signed up for and so on.

How do I submit my run?

There are two options for submitting runs.

1. You don’t need to! The great thing about RFTW is that it is all automated. As long as you have linked a Strava account to your profile here, your run will automatically get uploaded.

2. You can manually upload evidence of your run/walk from other GPS apps by using our 'Add Run' feature. Just fill out the information about your run, upload a screenshot/image of your GPS based activity and we will check it and sync it for you.

On your profile, you will see the events that you have entered with a little bar at the top stating whether you have completed it yet or not. If yours does not indicate completion within 48 hours or by the end of an event, please email us at

Is there a limit to how many events I can join at once?

No, you can join as many events as you want. If the dates of any Solo and Challenge events overlap, the run that you sync will be counted towards all events. Example - If you enter a month-long Challenge Event (1 - 31 July) and a Solo Event (12-14 July), your run on 13 July will count as your Solo run and be added to your Challenge total.

Open style events sync with their own system in which only one Open event of a single run type and one Open event of an accumulation type will sync at a time, no matter how many Open events you have signed up to. This is to make sure that you get value for your money and to keep you motivated for longer! :)

What happens if I'm injured over the period of the event?

If you cannot run, please email us at to explain why. We would be happy to arrange something else for you. Our aim is to keep people motivated to run so we will not disqualify you if there is a good reason.

How does the leaderboard provide the results?

Once you have completed your run, the leaderboard will order you from your pace taking only into account the pace up to the distance you chose. This is based on the pace recorded from your GPS app. If there are any results with a pace that is not realistic, those participants will be removed. You can filter the results by sex, age, location and distance.

How do I know when my run has been uploaded?

Once you have finished and saved your run on your GPS app, it should only take a few moments for your results to show up on the website. You can view your result either on the event results table that you signed up for or on your 'My Events' page. Please don't worry if it does not appear immediately, however if it has not appeared before the end of the event, please contact us at and we will try to find out why.

Note: Please make sure you have the link between your app and Strava turned on and you also have your Strava account linked to your RFTW profile.

How do I view my ranking?

You will be able to see every participant's results once they have completed their run. At the end of the event dates, no more runs will be added so this will be the final results table. You can then use the filters to view by sex, location, age and running distance.

Why isn't my event showing as completed?

If you are using the link with Strava: Normally, the link between the running apps is instantaneous, however occasionally it may take some time to link your activity from your chosen app to Strava and then again to RFTW. If the link has not been made in time for the end of event due to any technological error, you can upload your activity manually using our 'Add run' feature or email us at

If you have used the 'Add Run' feature: Please allow up to 48 hours for us to check your evidence and put it into the system to be added to your events. If, after 48 hours, your activity is not showing, this could be due to inputting the wrong distance or duration on the form so you can either try again or send us an email to find out. Please note that treadmill run/walks are not accepted - only GPS based activities.

If I have missed one of the Challenge Series months, can I still participate?

Yes, each month will have its own leaderboard and donation prizes, along with its own reward. Soon, all past Challenge Series events will available as an Open event for you to complete at your own leisure.

I can't get a GPS signal, will it work?

Unfortunately, Strava automatically thinks you have run on a treadmill if you cannot get a GPS signal. So, if your signal stops during your run or you cannot get any signal at all, please email us at and send us a screenshot of your run.

What happens if I run more than one time during a Solo/Free event?

RFTW will take the first successful activity. For example, if you sign up for a 5km distance and you run 4km first, this will not be a successful run, so your next run of 5km will be taken. If you run 6km first at a 6:43min/km pace but then run another 5km the next day at a 5:29min/km pace, your first run will be the official pace.

How do I manually upload an activity?

Desktop version - If logged in, you will see 'Add Run' on the titlebar or on any event page. Click 'Add Run', fill in your activity information and upload a screenshot/image of the activity you are submitting.

Mobile version - Click the blue menu button in the top right of your screen and you will see 'Add Run'. Fill in the information and upload a screenshot/image of the activity you are submitting.

Once submitted, the RFTW team will check for any errors and accept/reject the submission. Please allow up to 48 hours for this in case of a back log of submissions. If you see that your distance has not been added to your event within 48 hours, please contact us to find out why at

Prizes and Rewards

What are the rewards?

All events, including our free, practice events will have their own reward for completion.

The free events will have a nice, useful reward. Some of these will be running accessories and some will be general accessories.

The main event rewards will be a mix of medals, medallions, embroidery patches and more. Each reward will be themed specifically to the event and will hopefully be a great addition to your collection of running bling.

When will I receive my reward?

For most events, we deliver medals every Monday. This means that you should receive your reward within one week, however please allow up to 14 days in case of large numbers or disruptions with the postal service such as the Christmas period. In the case of monthly Challenge events, we will deliver all medals at the end of the month along with any prize boxes.

What are the Challenge Series rewards?

The Challenge Series rewards are a little different to the other rewards. Yes, they will also be either medals, medallions, embroidery patches or another similar style, however they will be able to be linked with each other. Our first Challenge Series, the Wonder of the World, will have medals that are shaped like a jigsaw. You will be able to hang them up like normal as each will have its own ribbon or you can join all of the pieces together in a 4x3 piece jigsaw. Cool eh!

How many prizes are there?

Everybody will receive the main event reward, however we have extra prize boxes for each event. They are as follows:

Free events - No race prizes but we will give away 10 lucky draw prizes.

Solo events - Top 3 placed for each distance and sex (18), the top 5 accumulations of donations and 7 more lucky draw prizes.

Challenge events - No race prizes but we will give away 25 lucky draw prizes.

Themed events - It will depend on the style of each themed event so the details will be shown on the event page.

How will I know if I have won a lucky draw prize?

The lucky draw winners will be posted onto the event page within one week of the end of the event and the prizes will be sent immediately thereafter.

When will I receive my Open event reward?

We will check for any completed Open events every Monday. Therefore, if you have completed an Open event, you should only need to wait a maximum of one week before the reward is sent out. We send via Royal Mail first class post so you should receive it only a day or two after that. Please allow up to two weeks after completing your Open event in case of delays with Royal Mail etc.


When can donations be made?

Donations can be made as soon as the event gets published on the website up until the end date of the event. This will usually be a window of about 2-4 months.

What is the donations leaderboard for?

This is for an extra competition. At RFTW, we would like to raise as much money for different charities as possible. We will provide extra prizes for those who accumulate the most money for each event.

How do I accumulate donations?

In order to accumulate donations from your family and friends, you will have to take note of your unique profile ID code. If you ask them to input this code, when prompted, during their donation, that donation will be added to your amount. You can share your unique profile ID code through social media so it is easy for everybody to help you raise as much money as possible.

Can my family/friends donate even if they are not participating?

Yes! Anybody can donate to any event. They don’t even need to have a RFTW profile. However, if you would like to reach the top of the donations leaderboard, then your family/friends will need to input your unique profile ID when prompted to add the donation amount to your personal accumulation.

When do the donations go to the charity?

Once the event has finished, all donations from that event will be recorded and sent to the chosen charity within one week unless it is part of a series of events in which it will be sent upon completion of the series.


How do I link my Strava account?

If you have not linked your Strava account during registration, you will see an orange bar at the top of your page. Please click the link and follow the instructions. Otherwise, you can go to your Profile Settings - Linked Accounts and click on Connect for Strava.

Can other users see my profile?

Other users can see your basic information, running stats and events that you have participated in or have signed up for. However, nobody is able to see your linked social media accounts unless you become friends with them. Once you accept them as your friend, they will be able to view the links to your social media accounts (if you have shared them).

What is the profile level?

Your profile level depends on how many events you have completed, much like earning XP points on a video game. The more events on RFTW that you sign up for and complete, the higher your level will become.

Why do I need to add friends?

We are currently implementing friend's leaderboards, private messaging on site between friends, sharing group results, friend's clubs/groups and many more ways to bring a competition and social spirit to virtual running. Look out for these in the future.