The 4 Seasons Challenge

The 4 Seasons Challenge is for those who wish to set some long term goals. We have created a four piece connecting medal that you can show off with pride! If you begin this series late, don't worry, we will rerelease each season again so it has two full cycles!

The Challenge

As the series has now covered two whole years, we have decided to reopen all four seasons as 'Open' style events that you can complete in your own time. You will still need to accumulate either 100/200/400km (your choice) but there will no longer be a deadline.

As these are 'Open' style events, your activities will only sync to one 'Open' accumulation style event at one time. If you are participating in another event such as the Run The Continents series, your activities will only sync to the Four Seasons' events after you have completed the RTC events you have already signed up to.

The Rewards

You will earn a quarter of the full 4 Seasons' medal for each event that you complete. Each medal is themed around the season, picturing a beautiful autumn, winter, spring and summer scene.

Even the runner is wearing the correct clothing for each season, along with the ribbon matching the seasonal colours. Collect all four segments over a two year period to complete the series.

Four Seasons' events

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