Virtual Major Marathons

Did you enter the London Marathon ballot and receive a rejection letter? Do you dream of being able to take a trip to the USA to compete in one of their major marathons? Well, this series is perfect for you. You can become a Virtual Major Marathoner by completing each of our six virtual major marathon events.

The Challenge

Each of the events will begin on the date of the real major marathon (London - 26th April etc). You will have from that date until the end of 2020 to complete your chosen distance and each connecting medal. You can choose from 5km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon distances for each event.

If you sign up to more than one of these events at a time, be aware that your run/walk will only sync to the first event that you signed up to. There is no cheating here so you will need to run six times to earn all six medals!

The Rewards

We have recreated the major marathons' 'six star' medal with our own version. Each medal looks great on its own, however they slide together on a flat surface in the shape of a star.

Each medal has a 3D skyline of the event city along with a coloured, 2D background of an iconic part of that city. The base of the medal and the ribbon have their own unique colour scheme as well.

Upcoming VMS events

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Future Virtual Marathon Series events

The Berlin, Chicago and New York virtual marathon events will be released in the summer, ready for the autumn starts.