The Zodiac Challenge

We are releasing our Zodiac series again so that anyone who started them during the year are able to get their hands on these awesome medallions! Beginning with Aries in March, 2022, we have our Zodiac challenge series. Follow through the Zodiac by completing your chosen distance between the dates of each Zodiac sign. This series lasts a full year so is a great chance for you to set some long term fitness targets.

The Challenge

Our second, yearlong, monthly challenge series brings us to the Astrological study of the Zodiac signs. Many different civilisations around the world have studied the planets and their alignments to each other. Theories have been made to try to understand personality traits and love compatibility but how about using them to improve your health and fitness? Why not set yourself a Zodiac monthly target for each sign, beginning with Aries on March 21st, 2021?

The distances available to sign up for are 30km, 80km or 130km. As the timeframe for each Zodiac sign is roughly a month, this equates to an average of 1km/day, 2.7km/day or 4.3km/day. Therefore, you have a nice choice depending on how far along your fitness journey you are. Which target will you set yourself?

The Rewards

We have gone for something a little different for this series. Upon completion of each event, you will receive a 5cm 3D medallion picturing an image of the Zodiac sign on one side with the other side showing all 12 symbols alongside their constellations. It is a beautiful piece to remember your fitness journey by and you can have it on view with the stand that we will send with the medallion.

Depending on whether you choose the 30km, 80km or 130km distance to complete, you will receive the bronze, silver or gold version of the medallion respectively. Don't worry, though, as all three versions are a beautiful addition to your running collection.

Zodiac Events

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